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In the industrial market, buyers and project managers have to deal with multiple sale channels. Additionally, they are often handling many projects and orders at once. ElecZap allows easy management of all your procurement in one place, including inquiries, orders and documents.

What can ElecZap do for you exactly?

You can make wise purchase decisions, instantly

Our mission is to help you save time and costs by providing a convenient way to work with multiple suppliers.
Instead of querying different web shops for products, prices and delivery terms, all the information comes to you. Additionally, saving both you and your suppliers time on unnecessary spreadsheets, emails and phone calls.
ElecZap makes it simple for you to make purchase decisions faster, smarter and therefore get more done in less time.

You communicate with your ongoing partners without increased competition

Imagine a better marketplace for everyone. Where you only connect with your existing partners and where there are no fees from your turnover.
Well organized procurements ensure success. We want to support you and make choosing the right technical products easy for you. Therefore, we are not about increasing competition and manipulating with the prices. You can always add new business partners to your contact base, but it’s up to you.

We have implemented the ETIM standard classification

ETIM is the international classification standard for technical products. Adding structure to the flow of technical information within the value chain, ETIM facilitates effective interaction between B2B professionals worldwide. Benefits are, for example:

Minimizing failure costs by reduction of wrong orders and deliveries.
Avoid double work. No repetition of manually entering information because this is already electronically available .
Language independent, international processing in many languages.

ElecZap is a safe place for your data and has easy integrations

We understand that data is your biggest asset, therefore we keep it highly protected in Microsoft Azure servers – the global gold standard in data protection.

All information is only shared between you and your customer.

And whether you’re using Dynamics 365 Business Central, Erply, Directo or another system, we can get your business software solution hooked up in no time. You can also start manually and build the integrations when you are ready.

With ElecZap all parties are conveniently
aggregated in a single app!

No long back
and forth e-mails
and spreadsheets
No expensive and complicated web shop management
All products, inquiries and orders in one place
You connect only with your existing business partners
Your data is safe and visible to selected users only
When time is money, you need every advantage.
ElecZap is smart tool for anyone in the industrial market:
HVAC and plumbing
Building materials
Tools and hardware

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