Through extensive experience of electrical materials market we have designed a platform and tools that support everyone from a small contractor to an equipment manufacturer

Building bridges of efficiency

Imagine your sales team, purchasing department, and back-office staff having twice the time they have now to deal with issues that really matter.

Servicing key accounts, finding new market niches, promoting your new solutions are just a few examples. And then, of course, having enough energy at the end of the day to enjoy their personal lives. 

Why do the inquiries take so long, if all the data is available digitally? Is there no better way to analyze the offers than dumping them in a spreadsheet?

The problem is that most suppliers have tried to solve this time management issue by making their own platforms, because the logical solution is having customers place orders themselves without clogging up your team’s time. But the buyers simply don’t want to log in to numerous different platforms, each with a different interface and logic.

They find it much easier to just type an email, send it to all their suppliers, and wait. Then later make calculations and comparisons in a spreadsheet.

This is the premise on which ElecZap is built. We are creating a single, intuitive platform where your customers can do most of their everyday business with all their contractual suppliers, easily find all the products that are available to them, and have an up-to-date overview of all their deals. If it’s easier and more convenient than phone calls, e-mails, and spreadsheets, even more technologically conservative customers will eventually see the benefits.

The preconditions are already in place. Every link of the chain is connected to the Internet and has all the relevant data available digitally. All that remains is to interconnect that isolated data, automate the steps that slow down straightforward processes, and create a convenient way to access that data for a wide range of users – from a small contractor to an equipment manufacturer. 

Of course, finding a solution is not as easy as it seems. Building an industry-wide global data exchange network is a massive task with many pitfalls, both technological and financial. We at ElecZap have identified the crucial steps that will take us there, the challenges that we will face, and the key problems that we’ll solve each step of the way. 

Indrek Reinsalu

Indrek Reinsalu, CEO

Indrek has 23 years of experience in multiple roles in electrotechnical market.

18 years ago Indrek founded his first business called Morek, to distribute electrical goods in Estonia. Today Morek Group has its own product range under the Morek brand and the company is actively represented in 10 countries: Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech, Slovak, France, Portugal, Bulgaria. Additionally, Morek is exporting to another 12 countries.

In June 2022 Indrek was elected as Member of the Board of the Estonian Association of Electrical Enterprises (EETEL) and he is also ETIM Baltics manager.

Indrek has good knowledge of the electrotechnical market and an understanding of the customer needs in different countries. He has first-hand knowledge on how to lead the IT development, scale up systems, procedures, and teams.

ElecZap was born out of the electrical industry as a reaction to many glaring issues that Indrek and his many colleagues and partners have experienced over the decades. Together with a strong team, they are on a path to create a life changing tool for every company and employee in the industrial market.

No long back
and forth e-mails
and excel sheets
No expensive and complicated web shop management
All communication, inquiries and invoices in one place
You connect only with your existing business partners
Your data is safe and visible to selected users only

With ElecZap you will:

work with your partners and customers from one place
have real time overview of stocks and prices
save time on back and forth communications
have easy bookkeeping with integrations
have transparent history of transactions
make more deals in less time

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