For buyer

ElecZap is the ultimate tool to connect with multiple suppliers on a daily basis

With ElecZap there is no juggling between different websites, e-mails and Excel sheets. You can see real time stock info and prices from your contractual suppliers, send inquiries and make orders all in one unified platform.

What can eleczap do for you as a buyer exactly?

You can easily send inquiries from one place to multiple suppliers

Even if your current suppliers are not yet on ElecZap, we have made it easy to send out product inquiries from your ElecZap account. This ensures that you will get unified and easily manageable feedbacks.

ElecZap is neither disrupting the industry nor enhancing competition or manipulation with prices. In fact, we don’t even have any fees from transactions or turnover. Therefore, all parties can only connect with their ongoing business partners and adding new partners is voluntary.

You can see real time stocks, prices and delivery times

All comparative product info from multiple suppliers is displayed for buyers in an aggregated view. This will help you to make wise purchase decisions, instantly!

You can create different projects and add products to your projects. When you have everything you need, it is easy to formalize your project into an inquiry or order. Smooth and hassle-free!

ElecZap keeps your business data and information private and safe

ElecZap ensures that your business partners remain yours – all parties can only connect with the companies they’re already doing business with, and nothing is shown to third parties.
All your business information – inquiries, orders etc. is only visible to those who you have decided to give the rights.
ElecZap keeps the data highly protected in Microsoft Azure servers, which the global gold standard in data protection.

ElecZap has easy integrations with ERP systems and possibility to start manually

Whether you’re using Dynamics 365 Business Central, Erply, Directo or another system, we can get your accounting system hooked up in no time.
You can also start manually and build the integrations when you are ready – we are happy to provide you a manual connection solution.

With ElecZap you will:

save time from investigating different sales platforms of your suppliers
have confusion free business relationships
save time on back and forth communications
have transparent history of transactions
have more clarity in your purchases
make more deals in less time

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